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Computer Repair Keysborough, VIC

In search of immediate, high-quality computer repairs in Keysborough? Our expert technicians are at your service, offering same-day assistance at your home or business premises.

We understand that tech problems can ruin your day and cost you money in downtime.

Our technicians specialise in PC & laptop repairs for home & small businesses.

  • General computer problems
  • Security and protection against identity theft
  • Computer & PC hardware upgrades
  • Software issues, slow computers, outdated drivers, sluggish performance
  • Assistance with the setup of TV streaming, Apps, or any tech in the home
  • Setup of home internet filtering to keep kids safe online
  • Detection and protection against malware, viruses, harmful software
  • New computer sales , PC building, including gaming computers
  • Backups of your family photos to the cloud, safely and securely
  • Wi-Fi setup and data connection issues resolved, extend your Wi-Fi upstairs or to the garage
  • Troubleshooting for websites and emails
  • Laptop upgrades
  • General computer repair Keysborough VIC
  • File storage NAS and home devices
  • IT security
  • DMARC compliance – Google’s DMARC 2024 announcement is here

How we can help.

Resolving your technical issues and providing computer assistance has never been more seamless. We offer premium services at competitive prices, surpassing the industry’s big names. Don’t hesitate, contact us today and let us alleviate your tech troubles.

In today’s digital era, our lives are intricately woven with technology. It entertains us with streaming services like Netflix, connects us with our loved ones via FaceTime and Zoom, and powers our businesses. Our devices and internet connectivity are the backbone of our daily activities, but computer issues and the need for computer repairs are an inevitable part of life.

However, when a technical glitch arises, it can significantly disrupt our day. Whether it’s an inaccessible work presentation or a pending assignment, tech issues can wreak havoc! That’s where Computer Daddy in Keysborough steps in, offering swift and knowledgeable IT support services for computer problems.

Established in 2010, Computer Daddy has become the local computer repair company choice for the discerning customer. We offer competitive pricing, same-day service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our work. For a hassle-free experience and a great deal, look no further than Computer Daddy.

Whether you’re dealing with a stuttering Netflix account or your kids pester you endlessly to play the latest PC games, we can help. Experience the premium difference with Computer Daddy, your trusted partner for Computer Repair Keysborough.

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At Computer Daddy, we hold the conviction that superior tech support should be both affordable and swift. Our Keysborough-based computer technicians are always on standby to deliver the professional local PC & computer support you require, precisely when you need it.

Our tech specialists are integral members of your local Keysborough community, which compels them to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional service. We operate with a results-oriented approach, deliver high-caliber work, provide advice and the answers you seek, and our team consists solely of trustworthy and amiable technicians.

Curious about how we can be of service?

Here are some common computer issues we can promptly address:

  • Computers exhibiting slow or lagging performance
  • Unstable Wi-Fi connections
  • Unresponsive printers
  • Login complications
  • Misplaced files or documents
  • Breached devices or systems
  • The dreaded blue screen of death
  • Slow-running applications
  • Computers shutting down or restarting unexpectedly

Tech issues can surface unexpectedly, which is why it’s beneficial to have our contact details readily available for your Keysborough computer repairs. Remember, our Keysborough computer repair technicians are always at your disposal for IT support. So, whether you’re grappling with a glitchy computer or a recalcitrant printer, we’ve got your back. With Computer Daddy, you’re in secure hands.

Computer repair Keysborough? – Keep Our Number Handy!

Tech glitches can strike at any moment. That’s why it’s essential to have our number close by. Remember, our Keysborough computer repair technicians are just a call away, ready to tackle everything from glitchy computers to stubborn printers. With Computer Daddy, your tech worries are in safe hands.

If you have tried some basic computer troubleshooting steps, then please reach out and let us help you get back to work.

Contact us today for reliable, efficient, and friendly IT support. Let’s keep your devices humming smoothly! 🖥️🔧 Contact Us

Recent Customers

Retro Sales
Retro Sales
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The team at Computer Daddy maintain our Shopify store and provide all of our IT needs.
Get Frenched
Get Frenched
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Computer Daddy set up our entire website and ecommerce model. They often provide remote IT support as we need small updates.
eWaste Pro
eWaste Pro
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We're a small ewaste recycler in the Dingley area. We're not really computer litterate, but the techs at Computer Daddy got us up and running without the geek speak and gobbledegook. Highly recommended for small businesses needing new computers, email, office 365 etc

Keysborough PC Repair Services:

Onsite Support

  • Repairs to Desktops, Servers, Laptops, POS systems, Macs and All-In-Ones
  • Setup new home computers
  • Fix and repair failed hardware
  • Speed up SLLLLOOW computers
  • Install and configure software
  • Remove viruses and malware
  • Upgrade PCs, Macs, Laptops and Servers
  • Supply Desktops, Laptops, Servers and other devices.

Internet & Local Computer Networks

  • Install and manage secure Wired and WiFi computer networks.
  • Provide cost-effective SUPER FAST internet connections such as fibre, wireless ethernet, with fall over to 4G.
  • Insure that your network has a high level of uptime keeping your business running smoothly.
  • Install NAS servers for all your home movies

Office WiFi

  • Install and manage fast Wired and WiFi computer networks.
  • Eliminate WiFi dead spots.
  • Troubleshoot slow connections and Internet drop outs.
  • Organise and setup SUPER FAST internet connections​
  • Setup cost-effective Internet Telephony (VOIP) systems
  • Configure Home/Office VPN connections
  • Migrate your business to Office 365

Service Level Agreements

  • Provide proactive IT support for your IT infrastructure.
  • 24/7 monitoring of all critical devices.
  • All issues whether automatic or raised manually are lodged with our ticketing system.
  • Most items resolved within 2 hours of being lodged.
  • Updates to workstations, servers and network devices performed periodically.
  • Management and audit of software licencing.


  • Setup gaming consoles and improve their connection to the Internet
  • Upgrade gaming PCs or Laptops


  • Supply, install and provide just-in management of your onsite printers.
  • Troubleshooting and printer repairs
  • Provide just-in-time replacements to toners, drums and other printer components.

Data Recovery & Backups

  • Implement cloud-based or local backup solutions
  • Recover lost or missing personal data like Documents or Photos.
  • Hard drive repairs
  • Transfer your data to a new PC or mobile device.

Your Private Life & Security

  • Protect your devices with multi layer security
  • Review your Social Media accounts for potential privacy threats
  • Scan your PC, Mac or Laptop for Spyware, Malware, and other unwanted software
  • Protect your children from explicit online content

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Our service is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided then we’ll happily provide you with a full refund. (terms and conditions apply)

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